Travel Insurance Trip Type

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance covers you for a single trip during the dates that you specify. Make sure that you include the day you leave home to start your outward journey and the day you travel back.

Cancellation cover will start as soon as you buy your insurance, regardless of the day you leave for your trip.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Annual multi-trip travel insurance covers you for any number of trips during a twelve month period provided the total number of days spent abroad does not exceed 183 days.

Make sure you check the maximum duration of any one trip. The standard product provides cover for any number of trips up to a maximum individual trip duration of 31 days. For an additional premium we can also offer Annual Multi-Trip policies with individual trip durations of up to 45, 62 and 91 days. Please select the appropriate product from the drop down.

We recommend that you purchase your annual multi-trip insurance as soon as you have booked your trip to ensure that you have the benefit of holiday cancellation cover.

Note: If you travel for more than the number of days for which you have paid for cover, you will not be covered after the last day for which you have paid.