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Planet Earth's Top 5 Travel Tips

Planet Earth


You would be surprised at how many people still don’t think they need travel insurance. ‘I’m only going to Spain for a week, I have my EHIC I’ll be fine’.

Whether you are going to Spain or the Sahara you still need to get travel insurance. Don’t be that person having to crowd fund your way home after breaking your leg in Lagos because you forgot to get insurance.

  1. Check the government advice pages before you go

The government advice pages let you know of any existing or potential threats in the area you are travelling to. This can cover things such as natural disasters, terrorist activity and disease outbreaks. The sites are frequently updated and are the best place to find out all the information you could need before travelling. They also have advice and guidelines on any inoculations you should get before travelling to certain areas where you may be at risk.

  1. Check the travel requirements

You can find this again on the government advice pages or on the official government (or equivalent) pages from the place you are visiting. You must make sure you get a Visa (if you need one) as they are not always available on arrival and you may be denied entry.

  1. Learn the currency exchange rate

Make sure you know what your money is worth in another currency to avoid being ripped off or short changed. This is particularly relevant if you are travelling to places such as Vietnam or Thailand where small change is in the thousands and it can be complicated to understand.

  1. Look into prepaid currency cards

We know taking lots of cash on holiday can be daunting and getting money out abroad can be an absolute nightmare so pre-plan for this! Look in to prepaid currency cards or new on the scene pre-paid debit cards such as Revolut or Monzo. These cards often allow you to top up and manage your money using an app on your smart phone and have either no or low international transaction fees.

Thanks for reading! We hope this helps you prepare for any upcoming trips! What are your top travel tips?

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