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BEST OF: Christmas Markets in Europe

BEST OF: Christmas Markets in Europe

Welcome to the first post in our ‘Best Of’ blog series and what better way to start than with the ‘Best Of: Christmas Markets in Europe’!

With the cold weather slowly creeping in and the nights starting to get longer, winter is well on its way and if you’re anything like us, then you’ll have already switched out your summer wardrobe for those cosy winter knits.

With only 96 days until Christmas, we’re already excited to get into the festive spirit and nothing says Christmas quiet like a market full of handmade gifts, amazing food and lots of mulled wine!

Here at Planet Earth we have used our own experiences, extensive research and customer opinions to put together a list of what we think are some of the best Christmas Markets across Europe.

Lets get started.

Planet Earth Travel Insurance’s Best Of: Christmas Markets in Europe


This may come as a surprise but Zagreb in Croatia is home to one of Europe’s best Christmas markets around. Voted number 1 in the best Christmas market in Europe by European Best Destinations’ online poll, the markets are spread out across the city with various food, entertainment and stalls to explore.


Vienna offers around 20 different Christmas Markets across the city, each with their own variety of food, drinks and handmade gifts. With its enchanting decorations and breath-taking backdrop, Vienna at Christmas is a postcard worthy destination that won’t disappoint!


Strasbourg is home to one of the Europe’s oldest Christmas markets, dating all the way back to the late fifteen hundreds. Home to some of the most beautiful and magical Christmas markets in Europe, Strasbourg at Christmas is like something straight out of a fairy-tale.


Prague is beautiful at any time of year but especially in winter. Starting in early December, the Prague Christmas markets are open daily in impressive Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Lined with wooden huts, amazing food and beautiful decorations, they are not to be missed. Make sure you bring your thermals as Prague in winter can be bitingly cold and snowy!


Cologne boasts a variety of markets across the city with the most notable one by the front of the famous Cologne Cathedral. You’d be joining millions of visitors from across the world who come to Cologne to get lost in this German winter wonderland every year. If traditional and picturesque is what you’re looking for, then this is the market for you!


We might be a bit biased with this one, but we couldn’t neglect the amazing Christmas market in our own city! Manchester’s Christmas market has been growing year on year, expanding to further parts of the city and including more stalls. With an electric atmosphere and a constant buzz of people and life, the Manchester Christmas market is fun and festive experience for all the family. However, as those who live locally will tell you, be sure to bring an umbrella as Manchester is one of the rainiest cities in the UK.


Picture perfect Copenhagen is a Christmas market dream. With various markets across the town, you can fully immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere with great food, entertainment and beautiful surroundings.

With some amazing deals to be had on city breaks to these brilliant destinations, Christmas is the perfect time to treat yourself to a festive break and visit one of these beautiful Christmas markets.

Thanks for reading! Do you like the sound of any of these markets?